T5 Mustang3.35GearSetwOverhaulKit7.jpg

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Part of a Gear Set

Correct! This is a part for a T5 Mustang 3.35 overhaul kit.


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What does Anaheim Gear do?
We do everything related to manual transmissions! We repair, rebuild and sell manual transmissions (stick shifts), transfer cases, and differentials.
What if I need something repaired?
What if I only need a certain part?
How long should I expect to wait for a rebuild unit?
I don't live near you; can we still do business?
I have an automatic transmission that I need fixed, can you help me?
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It amazes me that Anaheim Gear is able to repair every manual transmission that went into one of my cars!
Anaheim Gear makes us want to discontinue automatic transmissions across our entire line of automobiles! We are very impressed with them.
I bought a part from the online store and when it arrived, I discovered I ordered the wrong part. Anaheim Gear were very understanding and shipped the replacement part immediately, and refunded me in full once I returned the original part.

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In business for 25 years, Anaheim Gear is committed to providing top notch service, quality parts and expert repairs. Our record speaks for itself.


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